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Saturday, April 13, 2013

How to Stay Passionate About Your Business

If scientists could figure out the passion and fire experienced by first-time entrepreneurs for their business start-up, we'd probably have a veritable gold mine of sustainable energy on our hands. However, the thing about great passion is that it usually fizzles out.

Here are some ideas and tips for keeping the fire burning for your business. It is a tragedy to see that initial light and optimism fizzle out when entrepreneurs have their first taste of failure. When entrepreneurs start feeling unenthusiastic and depressed about their business prospects, that's when businesses start to go south.

Your business should be your baby

There will be days when you will want to throw in the towel and walk away from your business - there's no harm in doing that to let off some steam, but make sure you always come back to look at what's bugging you with fresh eyes and new ideas.

Treat the business like your child - you don't just walk away when the going gets tough - your business depends on you to be there and to take care of it until it has grown enough to run and survive without you.

Be invested in your business and treat every success and failure you experience there as a milestone that you have overcome and conquered. Learn from your mistakes and plan well for your business's future. Know when to step back for a breather and when to go in and just face the problems head-on.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Shopping for cheap car insurance inquire for SR-22 state requirements

Driving is a privilege. When you do something to have your license revoked it is usually a game changer. You might feel trapped, as if you are no longer independent. Yes, you can ride the bus, walk, ride a bike, or ask friends and family to get your form here to there. By the time you have the chance to get your license back you are ready to do almost anything.

You will probably have paid a hefty fine, and may even need to take a safe driving course. (The safe driving course should ensure you get a more or less cheap car insurance.) For most states, the ‘almost anything’ is proof of liability insurance. You will probably need proof of insurance in order to get your license re-instated even if you no longer own a car. Generally, you will need to carry that insurance for at least 3 to 5 years despite not owning a vehicle. In that time you are required to buy a non-owners policy, sometimes called a SR-22. SR-22 is the document that some states require you to carry at all times when you are driving, along with your license.

Most insurance companies sell non-owners policies. They usually go to people who have lost their license, or someone who travels a lot and uses rental cars, borrowed vehicles, or vehicles they do not own for several days a month or multiple weeks per year.

Non-owners auto insurance policies are a liability policy. You are insured for any damage to property or to a person that you inflict resulting from a collision you caused. Like all auto insurance you pick the maximums you think are best for your situation. Remember that liability limits mean that is the maximum dollar amount that the insurance company will pay for a claim, not the maximum amount awarded, or total costs of an accident. If you choose a policy that has maximums below the actual costs, what you own privately may be used for compensation to the injured parties.

SR-22 or non-owners policy is not a collisions policy. It does not cover the cost of repair to the car that you were driving. Nor do they cover an automobile that is registered in your name or one that the owner’s residence is the same as yours.

If you recently re-gained your license and are looking for cheap car insurance, make sure the company you choose conforms to the SR-22 requirements of your state.

Gender ruling and the affect it will have on cheap car insurance

Unless you’ve been living with your head in a bucket over the last two years, you will know that, come 21st December, 2012, there can be no further discriminations based on gender. No matter what you might think of the judgment itself, this creates a short-term opportunity to get cheap car insurance over the next twelve months. So let’s start at the top and see where it leads us. According to experts, the average male driver on his own policy will see very little change out of £1,000. The statistics have always shown the male of the species to be a faster, less careful driver. Whereas women, always the more careful and safety-conscious, are paying an average of £500. Yes, half the average male premium! So much for men being better drivers!

Yet if those men can add a spouse to the policy, they can make big savings for the next twelve months. Here’s how it works. On the 21st December, the way the premiums are distributed between men and women will change to a more even spread between the sexes. On average, men will pay slightly less and women slightly more. In fact, insurers believe stable couples make good insurance risks anyway. But if you change your policy from single to joint, you can lock in savings for the next year, assuming your spouse drives on a regular basis, of course. Remember that insurers don’t like fronting, i.e. the main driver not being a regular driver as a “trick” to get a lower car insurance premium rate. It’s estimated that a young couple still under the age of 25 will save about one-third of the premiums paid separately. Around £500 can be saved in a year by the average couple and some money will be saved by even the older drivers that are already getting the lowest rates.

This potential advantage will only last one year and it’s not certain what the joint rates will look like next year. More importantly, although this can produce cheap car insurance, it can also cost more if you are proposing to join one very experienced driver with one who is inexperienced or has a bad claims record. Before you make any kind of decision you should, as always, use you common sense and look around for quotes first.