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Abarth 500 Cinquone Modigliani race car by Romeo Ferraris

Monday, October 31, 2011

Italian tuning and race firm Romeo Ferraris has made a street legal version of their Abarth 500 Cinquone Modigliani race car.
Unveiled at Autodromo Vallelunga recently, the Cinquone Stradale maintains the same body appearance as the race car. It includes a new hood with large dual air scoops, front bumper with a large central air intake, integrated wide body fenders and skirts, and a rear bumper with central mounted exhaust and diffuser.
The engine which is the same Fiat 1.4-liter turbo four cylinder from the stock 500 has a new exhaust system with metal catalytic converter, remapped ECU and a bigger turbo that now delivers 300 PS - only 60 PS less than the race car.
Inside, the rear seat bench has been removed and replaced with a roll bar. The dash pad is covered in suede while carbon fiber race seats are draped with OMP 4-point seat harnesses.
The Cinquone Stradale weighs just over 1,000 kg (2,205 lbs) compared to the race car's 900 kg (1,984 lbs).

Mercedes-Benz R230 SL-Class Sports Line Black Bison Edition by Wald

This is the Wald R230 SL-Class SPORTS LINE Black Bison Edition from Wald International based on the facelifted Mercedes-Benz R230 SL-Class.
The Japanese tuner fits an aerodynamic kit to the R230 that includes a front bumper fascia, front sports fenders, side skirts, rear bumper fascia, quarter panel wheel arch extensions and a trunk spoiler. Also fitted is a DTM sports muffler with twin exhaust pipes.
Wheels on the car shown here are the Renovatio R12 in sizes 9J x 20-inch at the front and 11J x 20-inch at the back.
The model will make it to the SEMA show next month courtesy of U.S. distributor Jonari Corporation.

Mercedes CLS 63 AMG by VÄTH

 VÄTH has introduced a new tuning program for the Mercedes CLS 63 AMG.
For improved performance, the €12,800 ($17,620) V63RS package adds an optimized ECU, an intercooler and a stainless steel sport exhaust system. Thanks to these changes, the engine develops 658 PS (484 kW / 649 hp) and 960 Nm (708 lb-ft) of torque. This enables the car to rocket from 0-100 km/h in 3.9 seconds and hit a top speed of 325 km/h (202 mph).
On the styling front, the model can be equipped with a trunk-mounted spoiler, a rear diffuser and 20-inch wheels with high-performance tires. Other goodies include lowering springs and an upgraded braking system.
Lastly, the cabin can be outfitted with a sport steering wheel, carbon fiber trim and a revised speedometer that goes up to 360 km/h (224 mph).

Press release:


The second generation of CLS-Class hides behind this name. It was first introduced to the public in Paris in 2010. This four-door coupé features improved performance, as well as correspondingly refined interior and exterior. This upgrade was made by a long-standing Bavaria-based VÄTH company from the town of Hösbach not far from Aschaffenburg.
A V63RS tuning kit features individually fine-tuned engine electronics and Vmax which increases the the capacity to 5.461 cm³ and the maximum torque is 484 kW or 660 HP, 960 Nm. This new tuning will delight you with acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.9 seconds and from 0 to 200 km/h in 12.0 seconds, as well as maximum speed of 325 km/h (don't worry you get four tires as a gift with the car!). The kit price, including optimized charge air cooler system and sports exhaust system consisting of stainless steel catalysts, middle and tail muffler systems costs € 12,800.
The suspension in CLS 63 AMG by VÄTH features the front axle lowering springs of 20 to 40 mm plus rear axle electronic adjustment, it will cost you € 980.00. In order to improve overall performance it also makes sense to optimize the brakes which will cost € 590.00 with flexible steel brake lines, Technical Supervision certificate and Castrol SRF racing brake fluid included. Another € 6,337.88 you would have to pay due to the forged 3 piece 9x20 inch wheels with 265/30ZR20 tires for the front axle or 10,5x20 inch with 305/25ZR20 tires for the rear axle.
Even a layman will notice that an airflow front spoiler (€ 1,490.00), a trunk-lip spoiler (€ 1,480.00) and a rear diffuser with fins and underfloor extension (€ 1,490.00).
Certainly the interior was also hasn't been untouched. VÄTH provided a car with a sports steering wheel in leather/leather design, also available with carbon or finewood applications upon request. For another € 1,450.00 the tachometer scale can be extended up to 360 km/h. And last but not least, for 3,300.00 € you can choose improved interior design in classy black carbon - high-precision manufacture and perfect fit are VÄTH hallmarks. Finally, it should be noted that the indicated prices include VAT.

Hartge H35d based on BMW 535d

German tuner Hartge (which, like Alpina, is officially certified as a manufacturer in Germany) has turned the 300 PS (220 kW / 296 hp) BMW 535d (F10) into the Hartge H35d with 354 PS (260 kW / 349 hp) and 700 Nm (516 lb-ft) of torque.
Hartge also adds its own sport springs which lower the suspension on the car by 30 mm and fits its with 21-inch, ten-spoke wheels.
The stainless-steel rear silencer with 80 mm dual tailpipes helps provide this oil-burning powerhouse with just the right muted diesel sound.
The outside gets a few delicate touches such as the carbon casings for the side mirrors. For the interior are several other light trims which include the aluminum pedals and stainless-steel door sills.

Chucky Wira Lancer Kit

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Proton Wira Sedan converted to Mitsubishi Lancer(front body parts). Bonnet and body were covered by customized sticker with the theme of Chucky, a character from movie Child's Play.

Chucky Wira Lancer Kit

Large size offset rims have been equipped, is this 17" rim? I am not sure.

Chucky Wira Lancer Kit

The Sexiest Hummer H3

Friday, October 28, 2011

Hummer is a masculine looking car, only dark color are suitable for it. You may also think like that. However, after you saw this Hummer H3 in pink color, what do you think?

The Pink Hummer H3

This is the first time I see a Hummer in pink color. Due to the rare color on a Hummer, I noticed it in the dark and being attracted. I take out my camera immediately and start snap some pictures.

The Pink Hummer H3

The car body is in pink color, some parts of it was being chromed. Tell you the truth, this is the sexiest Hummer that I ever seen.

Mercedes-Benz C63 T AMG by Kicherer

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

German tuner Kicherer has announced the Mercedes-Benz C63 T AMG Supersport based on the C63 AMG T-model/wagon.

Engine tuning dials output on the series' 6.3-liter (6208cc) V8 engine with 451 hp (336 kW / 457 PS) and 443 lb-ft (600 Nm) of torque to 550 PS (405 kW / 542 hp) and 640 Nm (472 lb-ft) of torque. The extra go is good for a 0 to 100 km/h sprint time of just 4.2 seconds on the car and a top speed of 320 km/h (199 mph).

A carbon-fiber aerodynamic kit consists of a front spoiler with flaps, widened arches, a side sill set, rear diffuser, new front grille and side-mirror shells.

For the ride the car also gets a suspension-lowering and 20-inch wheels.

On the inside the tuner offers a Nappa leather and Alcantara finish as well as piano varnish seat shells.

Bentley Continental by Imperium

Monday, October 24, 2011

Imperium has unveiled their new Audentia styling package for the Bentley Continental GT.

Priced at £25,000 ($39,310 / €28,685), the kit includes a new front bumper, revised side skirts and honeycomb grille inserts. Out back, there's a new rear apron, an aggressive diffuser and a sports exhaust system.

Production will be limited to 50 units and customers can order the body kit in PU-RIM plastic or optional carbon fiber.

Porsche Panamera S Hellboy by Edo Competition

Saturday, October 22, 2011

German tuner Edo Competition has a package for the Porsche Panamera S called Hellboy.

First up is a power tuning that dials output on the 4.8 liter V8 up to 465 PS (342 kW / 459 hp) and 550 Nm (406 lb-ft) of torque from the series' 400 PS (294 kW / 395 hp).

The extra output is good for a new 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) sprint time of 4.6 seconds and a top speed of 308 km/h (191 mph).

The aerodynamic kit includes a carbon fiber front skirt with integrated daytime running lights and large air intakes, front lip, side skirts, carbon fiber rear skirt, rear diffuser, fins and a ducktail rear spoiler. Also new are the side mirrors and fender vents.

For the suspension there's a lowering module that brings the Panamera 30 mm closer to the pavement and wheels are the 9.5 x 21-inch rims with 265/35/ZR21 tires for the front and 11 x 21-inch rims wrapped in 305/30/ZR21 tires for the rear axle.

The interior gets a new steering wheel, new center console and shifter console as well as options for the upholstery and/or a complete finish.

Porsche Cayenne styling package by Vorsteiner

There's no shortage of styling packages for the Porsche Cayenne (958), but that isn't stopping Vorsteiner from previewing their upcoming kit for the popular crossover.

Dubbed the V-CT, the aerodynamic body kit has a new front bumper, extended side skirts and a tailgate-mounted spoiler. There's also a new rear fascia with a carbon fiber diffuser and cuts out for the titanium exhaust system (on the S and Turbo).

Hyundai Genesis Hurricane SC Coupe

Hyundai has released the first teaser image of the Genesis Hurricane SC coupe, ahead of its debut at the SEMA Motor Show.

Jointly created with Rhys Millen Racing, the modified car has a unique appearance with new bumpers, a revised grille and a carbon fiber hood. There's also LED headlights, a rear diffuser and 19-inch wheels with Hankook tires.

Inside, the cabin has been outfitted with Katzkin leather/suede seats and a Harman Lexicon audio system.

In terms of performance, a supercharged 3.8-liter V6 engine produces more than 450 hp (336 kW / 456 PS). Other highlights include an adjustable suspension, Brembo brakes and an IsoTorque rear differential.

VW Touareg widebody by JE Design

German tuner JE Design has a new wide-body kit for the VW Touareg range, including the R-Line.

For the body kit JE Design fits a new sport grille, front spoiler, front and rear widening wheel arches, a rear apron insert and a tailgate panel that provides a distinct style to the Touareg.

The tuner offers power boosting too on the Touareg range including on the 4.2 liter TDI. By means of an ECU remap output is boosted from the series 340 PS (250 kW / 335 hp) and 800 Nm (590 lb-ft) of torque to 410 PS (302 kW / 404 hp) and 930 Nm (686 lb-ft) on the large diesel unit.

That extra power is good for a 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) sprint time of 5.4 seconds on the hefty Touareg (instead of the standard 5.8 seconds) while top speed rises from 242 km/h (150 mph) to 269 km/h (167 mph).

JE Design offers its own SUV-Select 10 x 22-inch rims wrapped in ultra high-performance tires sized 295/30R22. A wheel spacer kit (30 millimetres in front, 40 millimetres in the rear) is also fitted to make sure the wheels look at home in the new arches.

A suspension-lowering module brings the SUV 35 mm closer to the ground while a dual-exhaust system with stainless steel oval pipes is part of package too.

For the interior is a full Alcantara finish for the dashboard, door panels and the roof liner.

Audi SR 8 by Hofele Design

Hofele Design has introduced a new tuning package for the Audi A8.

Dubbed the SR 8, the model has an aggressive body kit with a new front bumper, a revised grille and a rear diffuser. There's also a trunk-mounted spoiler, a sports exhaust system and a variety of 20- and 22-inch alloy wheels. Lastly, a suspension lowering module reduces the ride height up to 40mm at speeds less than 70 km/h (43 mph).

Inside, the cabin can be equipped with two-tone seats, carbon fiber trim and an Alcantara-wrapped steering wheel.

For added performance, the company offers optimized engine software which enables the 4.2-liter FSI and TDI V8s to produce 390 PS (287 kW / 385 hp).