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Porsche 911 (991) gets aero kit from Vorsteiner

Friday, April 5, 2013

Vorsteiner has released more details about its tuning program for the Porsche 911 (991). The subtle changes can be seen in the front spoiler that has dual integrated brake duct cooling ducts and a carbon fiber center splitter. New side skirts blend in perfectly with the rest of the car and feature an optionally integrated carbon fiber sill extension that improves downforce. At the back it gets a carbon fiber diffuser with a built-in fin design that extends to the underbody of the car. As a finishing touch, Vorsteiner has installed a rear deck lid spoiler made from the same lightweight material that fits onto the stock mechanical wing riser and also helps with downforce. Different forged alloys are available in sizes ranging from 19 to 21 inches, along with custom embroidered floor and trunk mats with piping color options.

 Source: Vorsteiner

 Press release:

Introducting the new V-GT program for the Porsche 991 Carrera. Enhance the performance of the vehicle while adding style with a subtle flair. 

The V-GT front spoiler is designed by our engineers with functionality at its core with its dual integrated brake duct cooling ducts and GT center splitter made of carbon fiber. The V-GT composite lightweight front spoiler replaces the factory black plastic unit and attaches to the OE front bumper utilizing original factory clips and mounting holes for a simple and clean install. The center GT splitter is also replaceable and is separate from the main spoiler unit in the event that it needs to be replaced in the future. 

The V-GT side skirt attachments harmoniously balances the lines of the new front and rear end of this comprehensive aerodynamic profile while continuing the philosophy of form follows function. The side skirts features an optional integrated carbon fiber blade sill extension that further assists with downforce and beautifully complements the curves and lines of the rear fender panels. 

The V-GT rear diffuser is one of the most striking design elements of the aerodynamic package for the 991 Carrera. This carbon fiber diffuser adapts the original attachment points of the factory black plastic unit but takes it to another level with it is striking integrated fin design that extends all the way underneath the underbody of the vehicle. The additional downforce created by the new V-GT front spoiler is now counter balanced in the rear with this diffuser panel assisting in keeping the vehicle firmly planted at high speeds 

The V-GT rear deck lid spoiler is the finishing touch needed for the perfect blend of functional aerodynamics and beauty. Constructed of lightweight carbon fiber the deck lid spoiler fits onto the factory mechanical wing riser aiding further in downforce whether the wing element is open or closed. 

The Vorsteiner 991 V-GT Tuning program consist of: 

• Front Add-On Spoiler with integrated brake duct collectors Carbon Fiber Pre-Preg Autoclave
• Front GT Replaceable Center Splitter for additional downforce in Optical Carbon Fiber Pre-Preg Autoclave
• Side Skirt Panels with Integrated Carbon Fiber Blade Extension Element
• Rear Add-On Diffuser with Integrated Aero Fins Carbon Fiber Pre-Preg Autoclave
• Rear Add-On Ducktail Wing Spoiler Element Carbon Fiber Pre-Preg Autoclave
• 19, 20, or 21 inch forged wheels aluminum
• Vorsteiner custom embroidered floor mats and trunk mats with piping color options